Granite is an igneous rock that is mined from around the world, including quarries in India, Brazil, Norway, Italy and China. Granite has been valued for thousands of years for its beauty and durability. It was used in ancient Egypt to build pyramids and continues to grace today’s kitchen designs. It is a unique stone in both appearance and structure that continues to meet the demands of homeowners.

Why choose Granite:

  • superior durability
  • unique colors
  • heat and scratch resistant
  • requires only minimal maintenance
  • is a secure investment that significantly increases the equity of your home
  • each slab has its own defining characteristics
  • moisture resistant
  • higher resale value for properties

Being a natural material, each of our countertops feature patterns and colour that make them one of a kind. For a surface that offers a level of elegance that is often imitated but never equaled, we raise the bar for all surfaces.

Granite Countertops

Granite is considered to be one the best materials for countertops by homeowners and professionals, alike. Its durability, timelessness and value makes it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, and more. The wide range of unique color makes it easy to find the perfect stone to fit the décor of any project.