Porcelain is created when kaolinite-heavy material is formed into slabs or tiles, coated with a pigmented glaze and fired at high temperature to enhance the strength and beauty.

The glazing pigments added during fabrication produce an appearance similar to natural stone with the colors made to look like the veining found in marble, granite and slate. Slabs or tiles can also be manufactured with a solid color throughout for customers that want a more consistent pattern. The variety of colours and patterns that porcelain has to offer is one of the many reasons this material is so desirable.

Why choose Porcelain?

  • Many colours and patterns available
  • Matte and polished surfacing options
  • Large slab sizes are offered
  • Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite
  • Slabs are lightweight
  • No sealing is required
  • Heat resilient and easy maintenance

The major advantages of porcelain include the durability of the material and how effortlessly maintainable it is. Porcelain is easy to keep clean with simple soap and water and doesn’t require sealing year to year like granite and marble.